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Knowing Jesus and Making Him Known

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Rev. Goodenough Mthembu

Rev. Andrew Londal
Pastoral Minister

We firmly believe that  the Bible is God’s final Word to mankind, Scripture is free from error and we do  not adhere to extra Biblical revelation. We contend that God has spoken and continues to speak through His Word alone. God’s Spirit communicates to God’s people through His Word, the Bible.

We believe that salvation is found in Jesus Christ, alone, and that He is the one and only Mediator between human beings and a Holy God.

We believe that entry to God’s Kingdom, also referred to as God’s Family, is achieved through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. Good works will not, in and of themselves, achieve an eternal relationship between God and people, whether individual or collective.  Rather, acts of charity are evidence of being born again in Christ. 

Each person needs to recognize their own personal rejection of God and His demands on the individual, the need of a Saviour to restore the broken relationship between themselves and  God, the Giver of all life,  with Jesus Christ being the only One to restore that broken bond.

Our Vision is “To see God glorified, as people are transformed by the Holy Spirit, through the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ”. We fulfil this vision, through our Mission, which is “Knowing Jesus and Making Him Known”.

Our Mission is based on Matthew 28:19, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”.......... (ESV).

Christ Church, Pinetown, is a member of the denomination, Reformed Evangelical Anglican Church of South Africa (REACH-SA). We adhere to the 39 Articles of Religion as contained in the 1662 Book of Common Prayer. Click here to view our distinctives on the REACH-SA website.

Our Beliefs

From 1940 onwards a group of people travelled from Pinetown to Durban every Sunday to attend services at Christ Church Addington, which was at that time part of the Church of England in South Africa. By 1942 it was clear that there was a nucleus of a new congregation at Pinetown, and so the Rector, the Rev. Stephen Bradley, commenced services on Sunday afternoons, in the Supper Room of the old Town Hall. Later, the services were moved to the home of Mr and Mrs Howell.

Soon after World War II ended the Rev. Norman and Mrs Bennet came from Christ Church Hillbrow to minister at Pinetown. They were followed by Canon and Mrs Pearce, who came from India and in 1949, the original church building in Meller Road was built.

Christ Church Pinetown maintained its close fellowship with Addington Church up to 1956, when the latter withdrew from the Church of England in South Africa. When that occurred, the Church Council at Pinetown decided not to follow into the Church of the Province of South Africa, and it has remained a constituent church of the Church of England ever since.

Christ Church Pinetown was greatly strengthened at that time by the arrival into membership of people who felt they could no longer continue to worship at Addington.

Difficult time followed when the congregation was dependant on its own laymen and on visits from the Transvaal or the Cape. So, Bishop Morris sent his curate, the Rev. Tom Duffy, to Pinetown as Rector, to provide a settled ministry. He left before Christmas 1959, and Bishop and Mrs Bradley came to fill in the gap - “temporarily”. They stayed for 9 years, during which time the rectory was built, the Women’s Auxiliary was founded and the young people’s work was launched.

Later, the Rev. Frank retief came to Pinetown to serve his curacy and he was followed by the Rev. Gunnar Keen in the same capacity. When Bishop Bradley was recalled to Cape Town, the Rev. Ernie Jump came to Pinetown as the Rector.

In 1972, the Revd. Joe Bell became Rector of Christ Church Pinetown, and a few years later, he was joined by the Rev. Des Inglesby as curate.

In 1972, the original church building required a large extension to accommodate the growing congregation.

(Historical information taken from the “New Life Natal News” Magazine 1978)

In 1982 a considerably larger church was built on the same site, which is capable of accommodating close to 700 persons.

Our Story - The History of Christ Church Pinetown

Original Church Building

Current  Church Building

To see God glorified
as people are transformed
by the Holy Spirit,
through the gospel of
the Lord Jesus Christ.

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The Ministry Model of Christ Church Pinetown

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